Published at: April 28th, 2016

Have you ever thought that we are living our lives in constant interaction? And I’m not talking about the web2 or life online.
Of course, there are always some exceptions but mostly we spend our lives 24/7 being part of different small communities. 

We fully support communities that share our common goals and interests

We fully support communities that share our common goals and interests

Let me indulge you for a moment. There are various types of formal and informal groups.  In sociology, formal groups are defined as having an objective, not relating to personal interest of others; whereas informal relates to smaller groups with special bonds, while sharing a common interest.  Take, for example, being a member of a family or as an employee I am a part of informal groups. As a citizen I am also in a formal domain. Now let’s tie that into who we are professionally.  We spend a third of our lives at our workplace (sorry home officers), which is also a community.  Generally, one of these three groups has the biggest impact on us; therefore, it's imperative we utilize all of our time wisely. Here at Brainsum, we strive to develop a real community of people with common interests, clear goals and aspirations to strengthen all of our relationships associated with our community.  What’s more, we fully support communities that share our common goals and interests.

Scouting is a movement, where you have to learn how to be independent and team-worker in one.

Scouting is a movement, where you have to learn how to be independent and team-worker in one.

I'd to connect this to another community many of us can relate to.  Let’s break down the activity of scouting into account here and how all these small, individual communities can be viewed as one large informal group . There are some scouts among us, who care a lot about their tribes. Scouting is a movement, where you have to learn how to be independent and team-worker in one. Their morals and goals, such as loyalty, fairness and integrity, are very similar to ours; therefore, when it’s called to our attention that they are in need of help we don’t hesitate -  we act.

As many of you are aware, it's a theme all too common with the Hungarian minorities abroad: many of us have roots from the ex-Hungarian territories, from Slovakia, Romania or Serbia as well. Still to this day we are trying to keep to the traditions. All in all we actively try to be as open-minded as possible, because we know that the diversity of our co-workers is a major asset to the company and in our daily lives. By supporting these diverse backgrounds our company is becoming more tolerant and overall a stronger unit.

If you have been reading the article carefully you should see that we are not talking about spending money mindlessly and making a big issue of it. Referencing a real world community example at Brainsum, for instance, at times we’ve lent our office out to others for weekend concentrations or leadership meetings. This has been way of opening up to other informal communities in supporting each other’s programs and objectives.

Collectively, we believe in the power of togetherness and team-work even though we do not necessitate it. Remember that being tolerant can be the key to gaining your co-workers trust and loyalty.

Dominika Péterová
Project Manager

I am a Project and also a PR Manager at the company. Curious about innovative processes and keen on constant improvement, enthusiastic about getting to know people but also technologies and committed to the community. :)

Published at: April 28th, 2016

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